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Gisenyi is a city in the Rubavu district in Rwanda's Western Province (Great Lakes Region) and features the beautiful Lake Kivu. 

IMG_3256 copyGisenyi is contiguous with Goma, a city of a million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In January 2002, volcano Nyiraagongo erupted, sending a lava stream through the center of Goma. Agencies monitoring the volcano were able to give warning and most of the residents were able to evacuate. The lava destroyed 40% of the city (more than 4,500 houses and buildings) and closed the Goma International Airport.

Gisenyi's campus of Kigali Independent University average enrollment is over 3400 students per year.  The students pursue programs in Economics, Business Studies, Social Sciences, and Law. Rwanda Tourism University College (RTUC) also has a campus in Gisenyi.  The town has about 30 public and private schools, including nursery, primary, and secondary schools.

IMG_2029Gisenyi has a new generation of young professionals, businessmen, university and high school students, children, and expatriates who are not being reached with the gospel. 

City Facts

Population: 106,000
Languages:  Kinyarwanda, French, and English
Climate: Tropical Savanna
Median Income: $1,100/mo; 45% below poverty line
Roman Catholic - 56.9%
Protestant - 26%
Sunni Muslim - 4.6%
Seventh-Day Adventist - 1.1% 

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